Installation of Solis Datalogger

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Installation of Solis Datalogger 

To effectively keep track of your solar power system's performance, a datalogger is an indispensable tool. However, it's not just about having a datalogger; it's about ensuring that it's installed correctly. The Solis Datalogger, a trusted name in the industry, offers a seamless solution for capturing and analyzing crucial data to optimize your solar energy system.


In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps for installing the Solis Datalogger. We'll emphasize this point: DO NOT attempt to turn the actual logger, only the black bolt. consequences of improper installation can be costly, as it may void the warranty if Solis determines the issue was due to customer error.






To connect the Datalogger


1 - Match joint: 

Match the Joint, and then insert the datalogger to the inverter COM port.







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Insert the Logger




2 - Turn bolt: 

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After that, turn the black bolt of the logger gently in a clockwise direction; it will slowly move inward. When it feels seated and the logger's LED turns on, stop twisting the top black bolt directly


Overtightening might make it difficult for customers to remove the logger later. Installers or qualified electricians who understand torque can remove it properly.

We have noticed that many customers mistakenly twist the silver cover of the logger instead of the top black bolt, causing the COM port to become loose or damaging the COM port. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ONLY TURN THE BLACK BOLT





To Disconnect Data Logger:



Do not disconnect any data logger already connected to the inverter without prior permission from Solis support.


Once you've received permission, follow these steps to disconnect it from the inverter:


  • Hold the white/silver cover of the logger without rotating it.
  • Rotate the top black bolt of the logger in an anti-clockwise direction. This should be done with ease.
  • While holding the cover of the logger, gently pull it outward. The logger should slightly come out by rotating it anti-clockwise. Refrain from rotating the entire white/silver plastic cover of the logger to prevent any potential loosening or damage to the COM port.






To ensure a successful installation and maintain the integrity of your warranty, please follow the provided instructions. If you encounter any challenges during the process or require additional assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to your local Solis Support team.

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