Eastron Meter - SolisCloud Export and Import Discrepancies

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Understanding SolisCloud Export and Import Discrepancies 

The Eastron Meter Solution



In the world of solar energy and smart grids, SolisCloud serves as a vital tool for monitoring, tracking, and optimizing energy consumption and generation. However, users occasionally encounter unexpected discrepancies in total export and import values. 

In most cases, the cause of these discrepancies can be attributed to the way the meter accompanying the inverter functions. It's important to recognize that the meter received with the inverter is not a "balanced" meter. This article explores why this issue occurs and introduces a solution provided by Eastron Meter through a firmware update.

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Understanding the Problem 


Imagine a scenario where a customer feeds 1kW into the grid on phase 1 and imports 1kW from the grid on phase 2. In such cases, the house meter might show 0kW. However, the Eastron meter, unlike the house meter, considers all these values and transmits them to SolisCloud. This discrepancy results in the total export/import values appearing incorrect to the customer. 





The Solution: Eastron Meter Firmware Update


Thankfully, there's a solution to this issue, and it involves updating the Eastron Meter firmware. This update ensures that the meter sends the correct information to SolisCloud, offering more accurate insights into energy generation and consumption. 

To perform this firmware update, you will need the following:


  1. PC
  2. RS485 USB converter – for example

A black usb device with green connectors

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  1. RS485 cable



Performing the Firmware Update


Here are the steps to perform the Eastron Meter firmware update:



Build a Cable Connection 

Establish a cable connection between the Eastron Meter and your PC using the RS485 USB converter and RS485 cable.

On Meter Side use the PINs 12, 13 and 14 for the RS485 connection.


PIN 13: RS485 B

PIN 14: RS485 A

A screen shot of a machine

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IMPORTANT: To perform the update, ensure that the meter is powered. Refer to the diagram below and use PINS 5 & 6 accordingly.



Open the Update Software on your PC:

Navigate to the "Upgrade Software" folder and open the "flash_updata.exe" file located in the "EXE" folder.

A screenshot of a computer

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Set Serial Port Parameters:

Select the corresponding serial port parameters, which include the COM port corresponding to your PC, the current baud rate of the meter ("Baud"), the current stop bit of the meter ("Stop"), and the current check bit of the meter ("Parity"). After selecting the appropriate parameters, click "Open COM."

A screenshot of a computer

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Select the Upgrade File:

Click "Open file" to select the upgrade file. 

A screenshot of a computer

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In the dialog box that appears, locate and select "SDM_630MCT_40MA_23_03_13_CX_0385.bin" from the "Upgrade File" folder.

A screenshot of a computer

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Perform the Upgrade:

A screenshot of a computer

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Ensure that the meter is powered on at this point and connected to the corresponding COM port of your PC through the RS485 communication tool. Then, click "UPDATE" to initiate the upgrade. As the upgrade progresses, you will see a progress bar. The backlight of the meter will turn off, and the LED light will remain steady. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, the upgrade is complete, and the meter will automatically restart.

A screenshot of a computer

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Setting the New Profile

CX-0385 Program Update Instructions


1. HMI Display

A) The program number on the startup screen is changed from CX 0335 to CX 0385.

A close up of a screen

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B) Add 3P4W_PV (sum of 3 phase power mode) to the wire system interface and display as "PV".

A close-up of a device

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2. Wire system setting

Add the key to set the wire system 3P4W_PV, the key can only change the wire system once.


A) Long press the "E" key to enter the password interface, short press the "M", "P" and "E" keys to adjust the correct password, and long press the "E" key to enter the Settings menu.

A close-up of a digital display

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B) After entering the setting menu, press "P" key to switch the setting content until it is switched to the "SYS" interface of wire system setting.

A screen with numbers on it

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C) Long press "E" key to set, then the character below "SYS" flashes, short press "M", "P" key to switch, switch to the required wire system, long press "E" key to set. If the character below "SYS" is displayed as "good", the switch is successful, if it is displayed as "Err", the switch is failed.

A screen with numbers on it

Description automatically generated A screen with blue text

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In conclusion, we hope this article has been helpful in providing valuable insights and information. 

Your feedback is important to us, and we encourage customers to reach out with any comments or suggestions to improve our content. 

Should you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact Solis Support for dedicated assistance. We are committed to ensuring your experience is seamless and your concerns are addressed promptly. 

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to serving you better in the future.


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