Hybrid + PV inverter on same phase

Modified on Thu, 20 Apr, 2023 at 10:03 PM

The following works:

  • Energy harnessing works (excess solar will be absorbed by battery instead of exported to grid)
  • PV inverter monitoring works (just like decades ago) with inverter voltages, currents, temperatures faults etc
  • Hybrid inverter monitoring works: grid import; grid export; generation (of hybrid); charge; discharge; temperatures; faults etc… (except for house consumption(see below) 
  • Export limiting of the hybrid inverter (if you have export limit requirement of 5KW; you have 5kW PV inverter; you can set the hybrid inverter export limit to 5kW and it will stop generating when it sees 5kW being exported) - perfect

The following doesn’t work:

  • The value of house power is calculated by knowing the meter power and the inverter output power, however the other device makes this value incorrect. Therefore house consumption power (and energy) doesn’t work
  • Export limiting of the PV inverter


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