Acrel DTSD1352 3ph Meter CT Ratio

Modified on Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 12:19 PM

Set Solis Meter CT Ratio

It may be necessary to check the CT ratio that has been set on the Solis 3phase Meter DTSD1352 that is 

supplied with 3x 150A CT’s. This is especially relevant if the expected values displayed on the meter do 

not look correct as per the actual loads. 

Choosing the correct CT Ratio

The correct CT ratio for the supplied 150A:5A CT’s should be set to a value of 30. This value is 

determined by dividing the primary current by the secondary current.

E.g. Ratio = Primary (A) / Secondary (A)

= 150 / 5

= 30

The same formula can be used to adjust the ratio for any given 5A CT’s

Setting the Meter Values

Using the orange buttons as per the above image follow the steps below:

  1. Press "Set" button
  2. To Enter Password, press the “Down” Arrow button to set 0001 then press "Enter" button (“Up” arrow moves selection side to side)
  3. Press the Left "Up" Arrow button and scroll to "In", press "Enter" button
  4. Press the Left "Up" Arrow button and scroll to "CT" press "Enter" button
  5. Set CT ratio to 0030 ("Down” Arrow to scroll number values and "Up” Arrow to move side to side)
  6. To Save, press “Set” and then “Set” button again (twice) until “Save” is displayed on screen, then press “Enter” button, screen shows "No" scroll up using “Up” Arrow to "Yes" and press “Enter” button again to save.


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