3P SOLIS Hybrid Inverters with PYLONTECH FORCE H1/H2 System Start-up

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3P SOLIS Hybrid Inverters with PYLONTECH FORCE H1/H2 System Start-up


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Preparation of Commissioning


Note: For all details on the connections and safety, please refer to the inverter and battery installation manuals.


  • Ensure all the devices are accessible for operation, maintenance and service.
  • Check and confirm that the inverter is firmly installed.
  • Space for ventilation is sufficient
  • Nothing is left on the top of the inverter or battery module.
  • Inverter and accessories are correctly connected.
  • Cables are routed in safe place or protected against mechanical damage.
  • Warning signs and labels are suitably affixed and durable.
  • Double check all the power cables and communication cables.
  • Make sure the voltage of the inverter/PCS is same level with the battery system before connection.
  • Check all the power switch are OFF:
    1. Inverter DC power must be OFF
    2. Inverter AC power must be OFF
    3. Battery Power Switch must be OFF


Start-up procedure


  • Switch ON inverter AC power
  • Switch ON battery Power Switch
  • Check the LED of battery shall be:


System Status: Orange, solidSystem Capacity: Blue, solid



  • Press the Start button for at least 30s

Till the Status lighting Blue and fast flashing.

Then battery will black start to support inverter and after inverter turned on and set up communication, then BMS is ready for work.

Switch ON inverter DC power and complete the inverter commissioning following the inverter operational manual.




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