Control Maximum Active Power Generation

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Solis - Active Power Control Setup



This function is used to set the active power generation output of the inverter. 

The inverter has two settings for this “Set Output Power” and “Output_P with Restore”. 

Always select the settings Output_P with Restore - This is the setting that is maintained even when the inverter has lost power (kept in flash). 

Do not select - Set Output Power – This is just a temporary setting (kept in RAM) that is lost when the inverter goes to sleep at night.

The setting is percent-based.




It is the desired active power limit divided by the nominal power of the inverter, as shown in the equation below.

For example, this means if a user wants the inverter to only generate a maximum of 3.6kVa (for EEG2012, 70% of the kWp of the PV array) and the inverter has a nominal rating of 5kVA. The user must calculate the percent as shown below.

Therefore, the user must enter 72% into the interface on the inverter.



The user interface for the Solis inverters are similar for all our ranges. 

Each inverter has a keypad shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: Keypad for Solis inverters

Follow these steps to get to the Output_P with Restore settings:

  • Press the ESC key to turn on the backlight of the display
  • Press the ENTER key to navigate to the menu for the inverter
  • Scroll down using the DOWN key to “Advanced Settings”
  • Press ENTER key to continue into Advanced Settings
  • Enter in the code “0010” by pressing DOWN, DOWN, UP then ENTER keys
  • Scroll down using the DOWN key to “Power Control” 
  • Press ENTER key to continue into Power Control settings
  • Scroll down using DOWN key to “Output_P with Restore”
  • Press ENTER key to continue into Output_P with Restore settings
  • Use the following guide to set percentage as required: 

Please note the functions of the buttons change here

The functions are as follows:

  • The ESC key exits with no change
  • The UP key decreases the value that is selected
  • The DOWN key changes which digit is selected 
  • The ENTER key saves the new value


  • Once value is set press ESC to return back to home page 

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