DLS-W Solis WIFI Stick Troubleshooting - (Old Version)

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Solis WIFI Stick Troubleshooting


TOP 5 Issues:


1. Trying to connect to 5GHZ signal (Solis DLS-W only supports 2.4 ghz signals)

2. Router password is incorrect

3. Router signal strength is low

4. Router has a firewall blocking the data

5. WiFi datalogger firmware is out of date


Connect the WIFI stick by attaching it to the green plug on the bottom of all Solis inverters.  


Verify the WIFI stick is broadcasting by looking for the WIFI transmitter AP_XXXXXXXXXX in your WIFI SSID connections.


If its not broadcasting conduct this procedure - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUjcDcY8-Ws - If that doesn't fix the issue of it broadcasting please contact your local Solis Service Center and RMA the WIFI Stick.


Procedure for resetting the WIFI Stick


1. Open the WIFI STICK case

2. Connect to the inverter (to get power)
 3. Press the button for 5 seconds to reset(
2 red lights are on and off at the same time





1. To connect to the WIFI stick go to the WIFI connections and select the AP_XXXXXXX and connect.  


Note* You can use your phone, tablet or laptop.  We recommend something with a larger screen.   


2.  Go to the web browser and go to and password is admin:admin.


After you connect verify the WIFI stick sees the inverter.


In order to verify this go to Network and look at connected Inverter



If the WIFI stick doesn't show a connected inverter check the address of the inverter.  Verify the address is set to "1".


If it is set to one verify the WIFI stick has a good connection to the inverter.  


If it has a good connection to the inverter do the following steps:


1. Technician check pins 3 and 4 for 1.5 - 1.7 VDC

2. Technician check pins 1 and 2 for 5VDC

3. Connect to WIFI stick and verify firmware

4. Verify firmware of Inverter


If the WIFI stick shows the inverter but you don't have data on the monitoring portal follow these steps:


1. Connect to WIFI stick 

2. Go to System

3. Verify the remote service is pingable


If it is not pingable verify the router password again.  You can rerun the wizard and see if that works.  If you are verifying the connection on m.ginlong.com or pv.ginlong.com please allow 5-10 minutes for the updates to appear.  


If it is not pingable and the password is good, then verify the signal strength of the WIFI Router 


1. Connect to WIFI stick

2. Go to Network

3. Verify the RSSI (signal strength) is higher than 15%

4. If it is proceed to the next step

5. If its not either move the inverter closer to the router, the router closer to the inverter or use a repeater to boost the strength.  



If its not pingable, the password is good, the signal strength is good then login to the router and check the customers firewall protections.  


In general you want to ensure the router is not blocking the IP address from the WIFI stick.  With permission, you can test the firewall by removing the firewall for 5 minutes to see if the communication with the remote server changes to pingable.  


Or you can try the following:


Firewall exception server IP address:

Server ip:

Port: 10000


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