Solis 4G/5G Inverter HMI Recovery Procedure

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An HMI recovery should be performed when an HMI firmware update has failed and the inverters HMI screen has gone blank with black blocks. This can happen when incorrect firmware is used or the wrong procedure was tried in a. Check that the firmware version and procedure used was correct.

Hardware Requirements

  1. Correct firmware file for the inverter model.
  2. Solis Firmware Upgrade stick
  3. A quick formatted USB Thumb Drive.

Quick Step Guide

  1. Check the correct firmware version was used for the inverter model.
  2. NB. Ensure all other COM's cables and devices have been unplugged and disconnected.
  3. Do a quick format on a USB thumb drive.
  4. Rename the HMI firmware file to HMI.bin.
  5. Copy the HMI.bin file to the USB drive.
  6. Switch off the inverter by turning off DC and AC power to the inverter.
  7. Plug the USB drive into the USB port of the Solis Upgrade stick.
  8. Plug the upgrade stick into the green 4 pin COM plug of the inverter.
  9. Turn on the inverter using the DC PV Power.
  10. Put the inverter into HMI recovery mode by holding down the Escape + Up + Enter button simultaneously for a few seconds until the green LED has flashed at least 4 times.
  11. Hold down and press the reset button on the Solis upgrade stick until the Red, Green & Yellow LED's are on.
  12. Once all the LED's are on, quick press the reset button on the Solis firmware update stick and the LED's will start to flash very fast to start with and more slowly later on.

Video Procedure

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