AC Trip

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AC Trip




AC Trip means the AC breaker tripped.

1. Get the basic information:

Model,  serial number, error code,  how often the error happens,  software version,  installation & commissioning date,  Grid standard. AC Breaker type, and its parameters;


2.   If it happens during the first installation and commissioning:


2.1.    Don’t use breakers with  current protective function, and please make sure you are using the proper breaker. Usually it’s 1.2 times of the max. AC output current.

 2.2.    Please make sure the overall current to the breaker is lower than that of the breaker;

 2.3.   Replace the AC breaker with a new one;

 2.4.   When did it happen? 

         The moment the inverter tied with the Grid, or during the starting process, or during the generating?


3.  If it happens after the inverter  had been normally working for a period of time:


 3.1.    When did it happen at a day? Randomly or at a certain time? Or at certain conditions?


3.2.    Please check wire connections of the AC side, specially the wire connections on the AC breaker.

 3.3.    Replace the AC breaker with a new one;

 3.4.   Replace the inverter with a new one and see what will happen.


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