Solis Hybrid Inverter - Zero Export Set

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One of the most important functions of the hybrid inverter is the ability to set your inverter to not export power to the grid.  This is called "Zero Export".   The reason this is important is because you have a battery attached to your system.  That battery has extra power stored within it and you as a homeowner want to use it at the perfect time.  If we don't have zero export set then the battery will discharge all of its precious power to the grid at any give time.  Now that we have a external meter attached with our storage system, we know exactly when we need to charge or discharge the battery.  Also if you don't set zero export power set then your battery might not ever get a chance to fill up its state of charge (SOC) while you have excess PV power.  Therefore if you are not making any money on your interconnection agreement we recommend that you set your storage system to zero export.  


1.  Go to your inverter screen and go to Advanced Settings

2.  Password is 0010 (down, down, up, enter)

3.  Go to Export Power Set

4.  Go to Backflow Power

5.  Set Backflow power to 000000W

6. Go to On/OFF

6.  Set to ON (Light Blue)

7.  Go back to your main screen and verify you are no longer exporting power to the grid.  (import is OK)

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