AC Coupled Inverter measuring grid (meter) power incorrectly

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The meter power is probably the most important parameter on the storage inverters. As it bases all the automatic control for charging and discharging on it.

This is just one of the reasons for it (there are a few).


As we should know, the AC Coupled inverters come with two current measuring sensors: a meter, which by default is used for measuring the grid power; and the CT clamp which should be used for measuring the PV power.

When you have your meter power looking like a solar PV power curve (nothing happening at night) then the problem could be that your CT clamp is set (on the inverter) to grid. This still applies even if you have the CT not connected to the PV, the meter power will look like noise (low random values).

Just looking at the below plot at meter power, you can see the meter power only seems to go to significant values during the day. This is a good indication the problem is the CT is set to be the meter power.


At time of writing the solution on the AC coupled inverter is to set the CT install to PV inverter (away from grid):

  1. Press ENTER to open the menu
  2. Scroll UP to Advanced Setting and press ENTER 
  3. Type in the code 0010 (fastest method is DOWN, DOWN, UP) and press ENTER
  4. Scroll DOWN to Storage Energy Set and press ENTER
  5. Scroll to CT Install and press ENTER
  6. Scroll until you see PV 
  7. Press ENTER


You should be able to see the meter power on monitoring is correct. However things are always best to test in front of the inverter itself (as monitoring has a five minute update frequency).

To look at the meter power on the inverter itself:

  1. Press ENTER to open menu
  2. Press ENTER on Information
  3. Scroll DOWN to Meter Info and press ENTER
  4. Scroll DOWN to Power (units in KW)

The power on this screen should match the number displayed on the meter (connected at the grid connection).

Please note the RP and "-" LEDs on the meter indicate negative power which means the system is importing

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