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Grid INTF means the local Grid is unstable.

1.  First, please get the basic information as showing below:

    Model,  serial number, error code,  how often the error happens,  software version,  installation  & commissioning date,   Grid standard.

2.  Other steps to be taken:

    2.1.    Check how often the “Grid Intf” shows up,  if only happens one time or two times which are next to each other, then it’s ok, maybe this was just caused by unstable local Grid.

    2.2.    If it happens a lot and the inverter couldn’t get back to work again, then please try to turn off the inverter completely, and then to start the inverter 10 minutes later.

              If the inverter backs to work normally, then let it go ; if not , please move to the next step.

    2.3    please check all the wire connections from AC connectors to the AC distribution box(were there any untight connections, or wire contact area is too small);

    2.4.    If it is a newly installed inverter, please check the wire connection inside of the AC connector, are they in the right position and are they all tight enough? 

             If not, please reconnect them in the right way.

    2.5.    Please check the whole grid system, are there any inductive loads that are used in the same Grid. If they are switching frequently between work and stop mode, the grid will be very unstable till they stop working. (inductive loads are like big Air Conditioners, motors, transformers , etc.

    2.6.    If all of the steps have been done, and the issue is still there, please contact after-sales people of Ginlong. 

             At the same time , you need to record all of the alarm messages and warning messages with  happening times respectively that were shown on the LCD of the inverter, and send them to us.

Pictures and videos are appreciated, thanks.

  Grid Intf case that is caused by higher harmonics which were induced by the using of machines in an iron foundry.  


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